And we’re back for Week 2 of Build Season! It was an exciting week, full of new ideas.

Of course, we enjoyed the snacks as well.

We began the week on Saturday, January 15, with a full day of prototyping. For prototyping, we split into many groups, with one of two focuses — climbing in the Hangar or shooting/depositing into the Lower Hub.

Our philosophy was “KISS: Keep It Simple Silly”.

The week ended on Friday, January 21 with a design review!

The groups worked very hard on diverse and unique ideas. One design was an indexer + C-Shooter, which was able to consistently shoot over 4 feet. Another design was the Yanis Claw, which has a consistent intake and can shoot over 4 feet. Fittingly, it was shaped almost like the letter ‘Y’. For climbing, the Pranav Climb was demonstrated, which can integrate with a claw and doesn’t need to switch off but has many moving parts. There was also the Dante Climb, which has fewer moving parts but the arm has to switch off.

Other than that, the electrical board CAD has been more or less laid out, progress is being made on the drivetrain, gearbox, and bumpers, and we worked on configuring limelight for vision.

We’ve yet to finalize our design, but we’ve significantly narrowed down our options through prototyping and hope to decide on a final design next week.

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