Iron Claw is an FRC team that operates through the Robotics Class at Los Gatos High School. It was founded with a strong belief in the importance of student leadership.

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How We Operate: Our Team Handbook

Throughout the fall, all members are trained in basic assembly before branching off and training with student leaders in their respective technical field.

All aspects of our team—designing and building our robot, training members, fundraising, and hosting outreach events—are coordinated by students. Our members work with industry-level machines and software thanks to our access to the invaluable LGHS engineering room, metal shop, and woodshop. 

FIRST Robotics Competition is an international high school robotics competition. Each year, teams have six weeks to build an entire human-sized robot from scratch. At competitions, the robots play a sports-like game where teams are placed into alliances of three robots each.

Each season, we have about six weeks to design, build and program an entire 125-pound robot. Our members initially collaborate on design and prototyping and contribute to sub-teams like manufacturing and programming for the remainder of the season.

We always welcome new support through sponsorship and mentorship. Without guidance or assistance, we would not be able to exist as a team. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or sponsor, please look over our team handbook as it includes details about our operations and reach out to us.


Iron Claw is more than a group of students building robots. We are a team that continually strives to make a positive impact in our community.


Every year, we conduct outreach at local elementary schools and community service events. We strongly believe that people should be able to pursue STEM regardless of their backgrounds, so we have expanded our outreach program to include community service events for people of disadvantaged backgrounds. As our outreach program further develops, we endeavor to maximize the impact of our efforts in the lives of future technology leaders.

“To build and foster a student-led environment where members develop the STEM, business, leadership, and collaborative skills crucial to innovation in society” – Iron Claw Mission Statement


Ashir Rao


Paola Gomez-Llagaria


Nicole Shimamoto

Operations Director

Theadin Bachman

Hardware Director

Gavin Tamasi

Software Director


Ellery Han

Shop Manager

Sahil Agarwal

Fundraising Lead

Nova Jayaraj

Communications Lead

Angie Lam

Finance Lead

Eliot Eftimie

Manufacturing Lead

Ian Hsieh

Control System Lead

Kaushik Tadepalli

CAD Lead

Lakshya Agrawal

Programming Lead

Michael Chekler

Programming Lead

Benjamin Chen

Programming Lead

Elisa Pan

Programming Lead

Saara Piplani

Programming Lead


Roxanna Abdollahi

Avik Agarwal

Arnav Ahluwalia

Arman Alasvandian

Jahnvi Bheemarasetti

Alexander Chan

Tyrus Chuang

Leo Dai

Andrea Duan

Kyle Eldridge

Iliana Finney

Alisa Freeman

William Han

Cole Harper

Eric Hou

Johann Jacob

Eric Jacobson

Hajin Jang

Henry Lee

Ryan LeRoy

Claire Mayder

Deniz Mergen

Cameron Nakhjiri

Shaurya Piplani

Piper Robinson

Mehaan Sibal

James Smith

Anirudh Warrier

Brandon Wong

Connor Young

Adam Younis

Anthony Zhang


Rodrigo Coppelli

Team Manager

Mariam Fan

Team Manager

Mornay Van Der Walt

Lead Mentor

Arthur Chan


Kerry Northen


Aaron Payne