Week 6 has ended on a high note, and our team has been hard at work continuing the development of our 2023 robot. As our first competition at Hueneme Port Regional draws closer, our team needs all hands on deck in order to maximize our chances of success!

The construction of our superstructure is underway. We are currently working on mounting our elevator and 4-bar arm, and the process is going very well. The elevator has already been mounted on the swerve drivetrain, and the 4-bar arm components are in the process of being machined. While the main construction of the robot is going on, our separate subteams are hard at work doing individual subteam tasks.

With the robot beginning to be constructed, our programmers have been able to start testing their code. The programming team is currently working on the elevator code and they will soon be able to test it on the elevator. They are also working on starting the automatic charge station balance code, which would allow our robot to balance on the charge station in an instant using a button. The Intake code is complete and the 4-bar arm code has been merged to main. The Scouting team has been modifying our scouting app to make it more efficient and easier to use for our scouters at competitions. Many bugs have been fixed in the scouting app code, and the group has implemented auto displays and graphs into the app. 

For electrical, the battery bellypan has been mounted, meaning that the drivetrain electrical system is now complete and functioning properly. The subteam is preparing to wire the superstructure components with the existing components on the drivetrain, once the superstructure parts have been machined and assembled. Our machinists have been hard at work expanding the elevator mount bearing hole using the mill, and they’re also working on manufacturing the polycarbonate parts for the 4-bar arm.

Outside of the construction of our competition robot, there are many other events happening as well. Following our driver tryouts, we now have two talented and determined drivers for the Hueneme Port Regional. In order to prepare them as much as possible for the coming competition, the drivers are practicing on our secondary swerve drivetrain and becoming more accustomed to the controls. The rest of the drive team, as well as the pit crew and scouters, for the Hueneme Port Regional have also been selected, amounting to about twenty students who will represent our team at the competition. 

As another week draws to a close, our robot is beginning to look more and more prepared for our competition. There is still a long way to go before our robot is finalized, but hopes are high that we will be able to do well at Hueneme in the coming weeks!