One week out from the Central Valley Regional in Fresno and our team is hard at work putting the finishing touches and final improvements on our robot. After experiencing issues with our bumpers due to heavy impacts, we redesigned our bumpers and billet piece to be much more durable. We also completed production of spares for our shooter, intake, and arm so we can easily swap out parts if needed at competitions.

In addition, we fine-tuned our auto paths making a clear selection of working paths, most notably our 5-piece auto, which was a tremendous success this past week. The strategy team looked over matches of high-ranking teams that we will be competing with at CVR and studied their auto paths to improve our own. In addition to efficient autos, the auto team is also making complementary auto paths with other teams (1-3 piece auto), which could be helpful in getting the right alliance members for alliance selection. Significant contributions have also been made to vision. In addition to new camera mounting positions and redesigned camera mounts themselves, we have been working on speaker and amp alignment to increase cycle times. 

Having efficient cycle times is important for our success, so our drive team has been practicing hard. They have also been working on avoiding and playing defense, in case the need ever arises. After reviewing our matches from the Silicon Valley Regional, as well as looking at techniques other teams used to avoid or play defense, our drive team is working on incorporating that into their match strategy and gameplay.

We are looking forward to competing at Central Valley Regional and we wish the best of luck to all teams!