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After last week’s success, we have progressed further on our prototypes, succeeding on many fronts. As a recap for week 1, our DVC (Decision Voting Council), decided on a series of mechanisms that we would prototype and test the geometry for before we decide on our full robot design. Those prototypes are:  Fliptake: an intake consisting of two rollers on a pivot, allowing it to flip and outtake a note into another subsystem. Continuous Intake: an intake that brings the note over the bumper into an indexer. 95-Style Shooter: a shooter design where the shooter wheels are vertical and coaxial on 2 axles that vertically compress the note to fire it. Elevator: a one or two-stage climbing mechanism that may also place a note in the trap on the final robot. Flywheel Shooter: a shooter that has two shooter wheels that are horizontally mounted which compress and fire a note. Big Arm: a climbing mechanism that has an arm that winches down onto the chain to climb up. The prototyping groups are making great progress, they are now focused on collecting data to validate their designs against the functional requirements of the robot. For our intakes, the Fliptake and the Continuous Intake, we have discussed many options and ultimately decided to put each through second and third rounds [...]