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Team Iron Claw 972 has had a successful fall season in preparation of the 2024 season, but with several new changes. Our team elected a competition council of 11 members, who led the fall season adopting a task-based approach. Instead of starting the year with a weekend workshop for newer students, the team leadership was able to introduce students to their technical and nontechnical subteams within class meetings, allowing our team to have more time to focus on efficient training.  Currently our fall season training is focusing around a few advanced projects. Those projects are a Turret, Vision programming, Data Analytics for Robot performance, Data Analytics for Match Strategy, and a standard Swerve Drive Chassis based on a 26.5 by 26.5 frame perimeter with a revised and optimized code base for the SDS MK4i swerve modules. Our team has never designed and integrated a turret onto a competition robot. A turret is a spinning disk and set of gears that allow something such as a shooter to spin a predetermined set of degrees or radians. The turret project allowed the team to spend quality time researching various turret designs from top teams across the FRC community, while teaching the new CADers how to create useful designs for the manufacturing and assembly teams. The team finalized a design and [...]