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By |2023-03-29T14:57:36-07:00March 27th, 2023|

Coming back from the San Francisco Regional, our team was motivated and inspired. This past week, our team focused on not only improvements for our next competition, the Silicon Valley Regional, but for the Houston Championships as well. Some of our goals for the upcoming competitions are to create more high-scoring autonomous routines, implement the vision system, and to fix some mechanical issues. During the San Francisco Regional, our team witnessed the full potential of what a strong autonomous routine can be. Our winning alliance partner, 971, had an incredible autonomous routine consisting of scoring three game pieces. This consistently brought our alliance into a strong position before the teleoperated section. While we were unable to execute such an ambitious auto routine, we are optimistic about the prospects of what our programming team can accomplish.  This year’s vision system includes the addition of the April Tags. April Tags are squares with unique patterns that are placed at significant positions on the field. We were hoping to have vision fully functional by the San Francisco Regional, but after realizing the limited amount of testing that our vision code went through, the team came to the consensus that it was not ready. Once it becomes integrated, however, it will greatly benefit the autonomous routines, driver control, and intake and outtake [...]

By |2023-03-27T20:30:11-07:00September 18th, 2022|

Last weekend, the robotics team participated in a basic training day. The day was designed to introduce newcomers to every part of the robotics team to help them decide what part of robotics they are most interested in. Previously, this introductory training was stretched across multiple days, with a metal shop on one day, programming on the next, etc. However, the team combined all basic training into a single day this year. Most students were divided into groups of around 4-7 for each workshop. The rest of the students were the student leaders who taught each workshop. The day was separated into two categories, the first one being the metal shop and the wood shop. We were introduced to various tools that we use including circular saws, jigsaws, drills, and drivers. After learning how to safely handle these tools, we were given the opportunity to try making actual parts. We cut wood, drilled holes, deburred parts, and drove screws. While it may sound mundane, for many of the first years, it was their first time handling power tools! After many pizza slices for lunch, the second half of the day was spent in the classroom at various stations based on our additional subteams: electrical engineering, programming, and computer-aided design (CAD). There were two [...]

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