The end of the year is quickly approaching, and despite the circumstances, we were still able to do some robotics activities.

Earlier this semester, we wrapped up our first Hackathon, where we gave small groups free rein over what they wanted to make.

Currently, we’re working on our second Hackathon, which involves building a robot to play a game where it earns points by moving and stacking blocks in a designated area. Now that many of us have returned to school, coordination have gotten much easier, and we’re finally able to work on our projects as a group. Hopefully, we’re able to finish assembling and programming the robots and play the actual game towards the end of this month.

In other news, going back in person means that we’ve been able to resume some of our fundraising activities. On May 8, a group of students went cold calling, and on May 15, there will be another round with a separate group of team members.

Student elections are also being held on May 10, and although we’re a bit sad to see our treasured seniors go, many returning members are running for leadership positions.

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