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By |2024-02-13T15:41:38-08:00February 12th, 2024|

Week 5 is a busy one for team Iron Claw as we prepare for our upcoming competition. Our CADers have been working day-in-and-out, finalizing the designs of the intake, shooter, and arm. Last week, we decided to change the intake from over the bumper to under the bumper to provide adequate space for an object detection camera, as well as to make sure the intake is as robust as possible. With the addition of our under-the-bumper intake, we eliminated one degree of freedom from our robot. Additionally, we began assembling our prototype, and tested intaking as well as centering as it goes into the shooter. With the new intake, we tested out two centering mechanisms. The first was a set of polycarbonate plates that were bent to create ramps between the rollers. In our testing, we tried several types of surfaces including smooth polycarbonate, sanded polycarbonate, velcro loop, and masking tape. While sanded polycarbonate showed potential, we decided that none of the materials were successful enough as the note jammed on the side. Due to the failure of the plates, we decided to experiment with a pair of passive wheels that would direct the game piece toward our shooter. This seemed to work better, but we are transitioning to a powered wheel solution for the final design, using [...]

By |2024-02-05T23:39:11-08:00February 5th, 2024|

Week four has been another successful one for the team as our CAD team worked hard to complete our subsystem CADs. After the conclusion of week three, our DVC, the Decision Voting Council, has decided to implement a continuous intake, and a top-down shooter, combined with a hook to allow us to climb. For our shooter, first, we had to work out an accuracy issue with the original prototype. We determined that we needed to fix an RPM issue with the motors, then fixed and rewired the motors with our test bed. In terms of CAD, the pivot point for the shooter was changed. In addition, we updated the shooter to be more secure with polycarb plates on each side and better bearing security. The flywheel was also altered to have more rigidity than the original prototype. For the indexer, we plan to use polycarbonate tube rollers. Regarding the climber, the plan is to have hooks on the shooter which will hook the chain and pull our robot off the ground. Not much has been done in this regard so a more detailed update will come next week. Our design team also decided to switch from an over-the-bumper intake to an under-the-bumper intake due to issues with vision camera visibility and robustness of the original intake design. The [...]

By |2023-03-27T20:29:27-07:00February 6th, 2023|

After last week’s decision to use an angled elevator with a 4 bar arm, a layered intake, and an extending bar, a lot of progress was made across all subteams in their respective areas! With detailed and precise CADs, our angled elevator team opted for continuous rigging over cascade to keep the robot’s center of mass more balanced when extending. As for rigging, they chose to use dyneema rope because it’s strong and light. They decided to use hall effect sensors for the elevator’s position detection: analog sensors for magnet distance and digital sensors or limit switches for stopping. They worked on implementing an energy chain mount, bearing blocks, and mounting it to the drivetrain. They have also been able to finish their CAD and have started making drawing files, deciding that it would be wisest to first manufacture the carriage. Our four bar arm team switched from their original design idea of a linkage 4 bar to a virtual 4 bar. They have finished CADing and are now making drawing files for machinists. Our team has also been able to add all commercial off the shelf parts and mechanisms, such as hardstops, sprockets, fasteners, and etc. So far, our layered intake is successful in intaking cones, but we are still working on cube intake. The cube is [...]

By |2023-03-27T20:30:03-07:00September 23rd, 2022|

Chezy Champs is a prestigious competition that we are proud to attend. Chezy Champs is hosted by Bellarmine high school’s robotics team, the Cheesy Poofs. Known as Team 254, they are recognized as one of the top teams worldwide and are currently the world champions of the 2022 competition season. In addition to the Cheesy Poofs, top teams from all around the world will be competing. We believe the competition will be a great learning experience for the newer students, training them and providing them competition experience so when the 2023 build season ramps up, our team’s junior members will be prepared. We are unearthing Marinus, last year’s robot, to compete again at Chezy Champs! Unfortunately, after spending the summer unused, one of the gearboxes in Marinus’ west coast drive broke. In one gear, the teeth were worn down due to incorrect spacing. Currently, we have assembled a new gearbox to replace the old one, but haven’t attached it to the robot yet. In addition to these repairs, there are some other aspects we improved: the static climb hooks and the shooter. In regards to the hooks, the rubber bands broke, so we are in the process of replacing them with a more permanent solution. As for the shooter, we are hoping to make it more accurate, [...]

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