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This week, we have made a consensus on the overall design of our robot, consisting of a four-wheel mecanum drive train, v-block hatch intake, and mecanum rolly grabber intake for cargo. The v-blocks and a tray for cargo are planned to be mounted on an elevator to bring the game pieces to be deposited at different heights. We decided to go with a mecanum drive train rather than our usual west coast drive because it helps with precise alignment on the rocket and cargo bay. With the confirmation of design came the beginning of fabrication, with students working diligently in the metal shop to make drive rails for the drivetrain. We were able to begin working on the drivetrain fairly quickly, as we used a parametrically CAD-ed chassis made during the offseason to save valuable work time. Although the final robot CAD is not done, we have made progress in fully designing the individual mechanisms and planning how they fit together. We are especially emphasizing discussion and design reviews in order to ultimately have a better product. Once our programmers were familiarized with our mechanisms and new code structure, the delegation of tasks began, with small groups of 2-3 people being assigned a subsystem to program. To organize the code, the programming [...]

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Our fourth build season began on Saturday, January 5th. Throughout the week, we have been familiarizing ourselves with the 2019 FRC game, DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE. On Kickoff day, our members met up at 6:40 AM to attend the local FRC Kickoff event at San Jose State University–not too fun if you’ve been sleeping in all break. Later, after getting the team together and having social time over brunch (thanks Brian, we love your tacos!), we delved into the game further. Deep Space involves placing cargo (bouncy kickballs) and hatch panels (polycarbonate disks) into holes on two “rockets” and a “cargo ship.” We noticed that the ball’s movement is unpredictable and that both game pieces require precise maneuvering. Compared to last season, scoring points will be more difficult and time-consuming. There are many viable approaches for scoring points in this year’s game, so we prototyped mechanisms for multiple strategies before deciding on one. For the next few days, we brainstormed, prototyped mechanisms, and experimented with a mecanum drive train. For both hatch panels and cargo, we made an intake prototype with v-block clamps, modeled after v-block vices used in manufacturing to hold circular objects. The mechanism clamped both game pieces well, but it had trouble ensuring that cargo rolls [...]

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Houston Recap: April 18-21 The success of the 971-972-973 alliance at the San Francisco Regional qualified our team to go to the World Championship hosted in Houston, Texas. The event ran from the 18th to the 21st of April. Leading up to the trip, we committed to raising funds in order to accommodate them for the costs that we would take on. Unfortunately, we couldn’t bring everyone to witness this landmark for our team due to logistical factors as well as the prospect of missing school. The plane rides to Houston went without a hitch. We placed in the top half of Roebling as a result of our performances in the ten matches, which was our division. We competed with and against very accomplished teams from all over the world. The event was a great opportunity for us to learn about other great robotics programs. This was also a great opportunity for the team to bond, and we are continuing to use what we’ve learned from this experience. Start of School: After the summer break, Team 972 resumed its technical activities, beginning with advanced training. Each student chose a subteam, and the leads for each respective subteam began teaching new members the material required for build season. Programmers learned the basics of Java, [...]

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FRC Team 972 was founded in 2002 at Los Gatos High School but disbanded after six seasons following the retirement of the head mentor. In autumn of 2015, the team was restarted as "Iron Claw Robotics" by a group of LGHS students who had previously been members of Pioneer High School's Team 668, the Apes of Wrath. Since then, the team has found success at the FRC regionals, qualifying for the World Championships twice, and grown from a group of 15 members to a class of 50 students at Los Gatos High—supported by alumni, mentors, and our wonderful parents and community. More than just robots, we strive to foster passion for STEM among team members and inspire the community through outreach. Angela Sheu, Team Captain Anthony Furman, Programming Director Cole Massie, Mechanical Director Leison Gao, Operations Director Joshua Matthews, Electrical Lead Leah Freeman, Shop Manager Richie Tan, Programming Co-Lead Michael Kersey, Programming Co-Lead Lakshya Agrawal, Programming Co-Lead Ashir Rao, Programming Co-Lead Maximillian Schleicher, CAD Lead Emi Hiroshima, Machining Lead Adam Younis, Finance Lead Julia Dang, Fundraising Lead Nicole Shimamoto, Communications Lead Andrea Duan, Admin Lead Steven Dandurand, Co-Captain Alan Sheu, Co-Captain Allison Liu, Curriculum Council Chair Pranav Tadepalli, Programming Director Rebecca Meshenberg, Mechanical Director Angela Sheu, Operations Director Anthony Furman, Programming Co-Lead [...]

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